YouthSpeak is a global youth movement and youth insight survey powered by AIESEC. We are focused on understanding the hopes and challenges surrounding various issues which involve young people like us.

Youth Speak was born out of a simple idea. What if we could harness the collective power of a global youth voice and their opinions, and discover what challenges they faced today in reaching their potential. And from there, we can take their opinions to decision makers and collaborate with them on how to transform society and make it easier and more effective in developing young people. At the same time, we can use the youth opinion to empower our own generation and raise awareness of what we care about and how we can take action.

Inspired Youth Movement

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.
We are uniting a global youth movement for positive change and it’s run by you! It’s a movement that empowers and develops young people to have the confidence and skills to succeed. A youth movement run by youth, we offer you a chance to lead and make the world a better place.

Global Youth Voice

It isn’t enough to just be excited and passionate, but united in a Global Youth Voice. Through the YouthSpeak survey, we will be better able to understand what challenges generation y or millennials face in reaching their full potential.
Enabling us to map out the greatest trends and opinions of young people today. By understanding the global youth ourselves, we are better educated to represent and influence leaders across government, business, media and civil society.

A Call To Action For Impact

By empowering a global youth movement and uniting an entire generation on issues that matter, we are able to convert energy into action. Through our presence in thousands of universities, global exchange opportunities and YouthSpeak forums around the world, we are able to inspire young people and bring leaders from all areas of society together.
Creating action starts with understanding, and we do this by enabling cross-sector collaboration that is inclusive of the Global Youth Voice.

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